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Color for art painting is one of the most important things in my work. Color means life, dynamism, energy and vibration. All things that I like and that we miss sometimes in the world of today. Can you even imagine a world without colors?

Just take a look outside or around you, anywhere you are right now. And then try to notice all the different colors that creates your view or your environment. Maybe it is winter in your city and there are a lot of greys, but can you see how many kinds of greys, can you count them?That grey is it more grey-blue, grey-brown, or with some ocher in it? 

How can you find your inspiration for painting ? You can find your inspiration everywhere and it is not something you can intellectualize. It is something that comes naturally from doing things that you really love.

We need inspiration to be creative and to produce new ideas. And this is not only useful in art or in painting but for many jobs, when you work on any kind of new project, whilst gardening, whilst cooking, when you search for a new interior for your house, etc.

How to find your art style in painting? This is a question I asked myself for a long time and that many people ask themselves. You can compare finding your art style to life, your life, and all the evolutions and experiences that you go through. The more you experience life the closer you get to your style.

For me it was not something that I decided like “Ah now I am going to paint like this and it is going to be great”! It was a natural process. My art style affirmed itself after deep changes inside of me. From that moment things were just more obvious and natural when I paint