Finding inspiration + 7 tips

Finding inspiration for your painting. You can find your inspiration everywhere and it is not something you can intellectualize. It is something that comes naturally from doing things that you really love. We need inspiration to be creative and to produce new ideas.

This is not only useful in art or in painting but for many jobs, when you work on any kind of new project, whilst gardening, whilst cooking, when you search for a new interior for your house, etc.

Georgia O’Keeffe, New-Mexico, 1960

What is inspiration and how does it comes ? 

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. This often comes when something in particular happens or when someone says something that makes one think or reflect. Inspiration is directly linked to creativity.

Finding inspiration, what works for me?

I noticed that inspiration really comes when I can nourish myself with new information. My actual work obliges me often to work alone and seated behind my desk. When several weeks or months go by at this same rhythm without a lot of changes in my daily routine my creative ideas have more difficulty to pop up.

I have to find all the ideas in myself and there is always a moment that the source starts to dry up and I feel difficulties to move on.

The goal here is to “freshen up” the mind. To give “oxygen” to the brains, so that it can all come in a new “flow” and “energy”.

Here are some things that help me a lot

  • Going for a long walk in nature, especially the sea or the mountains
  • Making a small trip, even if it is just one day, trying to see another horizon
  • Reading and consulting Art Books
  • Visiting a new exhibition, a cultural or historical site
  • Reading about other artists lives or interviewing them
  • Meeting new people
  • Dancing and listening to music
One of my favourite places, the french Alps

In short = finding inspiration comes by doing the things that you really love

And this is an important thing because it can be anything and it is different for everybody.

Here are some other things that may help you.

  • Go running or biking, or doing any other kind of sport you like
  • Making a trip to a foreign country and being in contact with an other people or culture
  • Going for several days on a backpack holiday
  • Just strolling around in the city and being open to what may happen or come your way
  • Watching documentaries about a subject that you are passionate  about
  • Listening to musicians playing live music
  • Being around the people you love
Marc Chagall, « Sunday », 1954